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Dr. Jackie, Psychic,  (321) 331-7746

Doctorate of Metaphysics, Psychic-Medium, Card Reader, Aura and Chakra Reader, Numerology, Astrology 

Intuitive Jackie

Formerly with the Cassadaga Hotel, and Starsouls at Universal Studios in Orlando, has been a professional psychic, medium, medical intuitive, angel card reader, and tarot reader for 20 years. She has a psychic gift which was handed down from her Native American grandmother.  She has worked hard on her psychic development, in order to provide the best experience for you! She works with all races and religions, from all over the world.  This is a non-judgmental, white-light environment designed to be for your highest and best good.  

Are you confused, lost, indecisive?  Looking for your purpose?  Questions on your love life?  Questions about your relationships? Concerned about work or finances? Concerned about your health, or that of others? Need to talk with someone who has crossed over? *


Text for appointment: (321) 331-7746

Available 9 am to 9 p.m. By appointment, EST.  

She is a licensed minister, a psychic, a medium, medical -intuitive, angel card reader, tarot card reader, life- coach, chakra and aura reader. She also works with astrology and numerology. She can get the answers you need.  Text now to schedule your informative reading!


Readings available on  Phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Duo, Skype, Facebook video. Personal sessions may not currently available due to COVID. 


15 minutes:  $30 USD

30 minutes:  $60  USD

60 minutes:  $100  USD

Parties, Bridal Showers:  minimum $200 USD  for 2 hours

How to pay:

Pay by credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Zell, or cash.

Book now: 

Text for an appointment:  (321) 331-7746

*Legally she must say that she can not give financial advice, nor can she diagnose or treat.

Dr. Jackie is a licensed minister, certified Angel Card reader, and reads Chakras and Auras. She has a Bachelor degree in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration in Finance.  

Although she is a psychic reader, some of her tools include; Angel Cards, Pendulum, Astrology, Numerology, Chakras, Akashic Records, and Tarot. She is an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and a psychic medium. She works with the Unified field to do remote-viewing and energy work. She channels your Angels and guides to bring you the messages and spiritual counseling that you need.

She is very detail-oriented in Business Consulting, and Business Analysis. See her before investing, starting a business, making changes in your business, or hiring someone new. She have been trained on how to use Intuition for Success by Laura Day. She has had over twenty years of business experience and a MBA in Finance. She has counseled many on career choices, business start-up, adding or deleting small business units, adding new lines, selling businesses, branding, etc. 

Text now for an appointment! (321) 331-7746

Life coaching has developed over time, as her clients return. She works for your highest and best good in advising on opportunities, directions which would be good for you, growth and self-actualization.

She does phone readings, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Duo, Facebook Video, and Skype. 

Text for an appointment. (321) 331-7746



Just wanted to write a note to express my gratitude for the time you gave me. I look forward to seeing you again in a less complicated time.

No doubt you are an angel!! You give yourself to others and make their lives better. A big hug and kiss. Ivette


It was really nice listening to my angels.... it is always reassuring to hear someone, or a messenger, to focus you back on track and continue through life with a better perspective. I really enjoyed it? And thanks for your trust and friendship, Blessing, Love u! Mariselly


FYI!!! My husband got the job!! He starts July 29th... The Angels were right!! $$$ is taken care of.... Thank you.... xoxo Suzette

Hey Dear Jackie,

I've been thinking about the advice you gave me -- how I need to own my choices. It was really helpful advice. I've felt less like a victim the last few months -- and more like my own person. I've been making better choices. I feel healthier. I still have a long way to go but I'm making progress. Julia

That is a wonderful reading!! You are truly blessed... I never thought in a million years someone else could read him. Dara

I am honoring "Teacher, Builder & Justice." I love it- guiding principles for me! Do you remember that? The cards that wouldn't be turned away-Many hugs to you, down in that beautiful land!

Rändi Fay

Hi Jackie,

My name is Georgia and I just wanted to let you know, what an effect

you've had on me. My mom and I saw you last year in Universal Studios in September and you gave us a reading each, my mom got very emotional, as did I and I just wondered if you remembered us? We were from England and I was the one with the thyroid problem and my mom had lost a lot of babies due to miscarriage. I came back and asked for your card afterwards!

You've helped us both in so many ways, since our readings we've both

become much more spiritual and have also gotten closer to each other. You also helped me understand things that I never did before and and I feel so much better than I did before and I'm feeling much better now.

Hi Jackie,

I met you at the park on Saturday. Was impressed by your intuition and felt our encounter was too short....I had to get back and didn't have time.Was wondering if you ever come to Palm Beach County..Would like to finish our see I needed time and a note pad to write down your advice...I know you have telephone calls but in person it's better for me.

Continued on "About" page.